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Introducing the VC Accelerator Bonus Package…

Best Virtual Coach Bonus - VC Accelerator

It’s that time of year and Eben is getting ready to reopen his Virtual Coach training program.

Before he does he and his team are providing tons of valuable content to you, which you can see for free below.

Part 1: The Coach’s Secret

Virtual Coach Part 1 The Coach's Secret===> Check out the first video here <===

On November 19th Eben Pagan opened the doors to his flagship training program, Virtual Coach and I’m 100% endorsing his program.

Eben’s Virtual Coach System is designed to help you build a coaching practice that you truly love.  And like Eben I believe this is a cornerstone skill for you to
learn and utilize.  Something that can help you create a future-proof business.

That’s why I’ve created what I believe is the #1 bonus for Virtual Coach and this is in addition to the over $30,000 in bonuses that Eben is offering you already as outlined here.

Now I may be a bit biased because well I created it :-).

But if you are reading this right now I know two important things about you.

1) I know that you are interested in making a change in your life right now because you wouldn’t be learning about building a coaching business if you weren’t.

And 2) I know that you at least have some interest in Eben’s Virtual Coach program otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at my bonus, VC Accelerator.

The VC Accelerator is specifically designed to accelerate your coaching business results.

You see I’m uniquely qualified in helping you build your coaching business because this is something that I live and breathe.  For over a decade now I’ve been coaching students in a wide array of fields and I’m going to show you exactly how I build my businesses.

You are going to get a complete look behind the curtain so to speak.

And as you work through the Virtual Coach training program I’m going to be
right there with you as your guide to help you execute and implement the training into your life and business.

This integration is so important to you actually taking action and getting results, which is why I’m doing this.

The good news is that VC Accelerator is unlike any other bonus you’ve seen before.

The value will be off the charts because it is the perfect bolt on to what Eben already teaches in the Virtual Coach system so you can get even more value when you join.

I firmly believe that it multiplies the strength of Virtual Coach by 100.

Virtual Coach + VC Accelerator = The Perfect Combo

Please understand that the VC Acclerator could be it’s very own standalone product.

However, you can NOT buy it.

You can only get VC Accelerator (for FREE) when you purchase Virtual
Coach through my link.

Don’t get me wrong here.

VC Accelerator is NOT some random “bonus” product.

I don’t believe in bonuses really because 99% of them are worthless anyway so you shouldn’t even bother with them.

No useless “interview” as a “bonus” on my watch!

VC Accelerator is built because I believe in coaching and because I have seen/used Eben’s trainings and “fixed” what Eben forgot to mention.

Please understand that VC Accelerator is not filled with fluff, filler or hyped up
bonuses that are irrelevant to you.

This is completely focused on helping you build a better coaching business and
helping you get faster results from my 15+ years of experience online.

That’s why anyone that is considering investing in Virtual Coach needs to consider getting it through my link so you can have an unfair advantage.

VC Accelerator – The Only Bonus You Need

Well it’s a given that you are already going to invest in Virtual Coach. It’s clear that Eben has an amazing training and he knows how to serve folks like you and I to get results.

But let’s breakdown exactly what you are getting with VC Accelerator...

Fast Start Bonus – Private 60-Minute Coaching Call with Ryan (10 ONLY)

When are one of the first 10 to join Eben’s Virtual Coach program with the full payment option you’ll secure a private 60-minute coaching call with me personally.  And you’ll be amazed at the amount of ground we can cover in just 60 minutes together.

This powerful bonus could be worth your investment in the Virtual Coach in and of itself.  Currently, I charge over $1,000 an hour for private coaching so you are getting a massive real world value.

Bonus #1 – Insider Secret on How to Scale a Coaching Offer to 7-Figures

Virtual Coach Bonus on Scaling Coaching Businesses

Inside this training you’ll discover my exact step by step process on how to take a coaching offer from your first few sales to 7-figures.

I have personally done this 4 times in several different markets so I know exactly what it takes to take a coaching business or even a hybrid of coaching and information products to the next level.

For any serious coach learning this closely held secret can make all the difference and serve you for years and years to come.

Oh and I almost forgot this guide will show you a real-world example from my
own business so you can see what it looks like in real-time vs just plain theory.

Bonus #2 – The Virtual Coach Debrief and Companion Guide

As I mentioned above I believe in Eben’s training so much that I’m creating the ultimate bonus in VC Accelerator yet because I’m 100% endorsing the program I’m going to be going through it as well myself.

That’s why when you join the Virtual Coach + VC Accelerator we’ll be going
through the program together in tandem.

And I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.

You’re going to get to follow along as I consume Eben’s content.

I’ll send out updates about how I’m utilizing the training, my biggest takeaways and insights, my debriefs on the content and more.

You’ll get to see through my lens how I’m applying this training to my actual business.  This peak behind the curtain is something you could never really pay for with anyone else yet I’m willing to do it for the few folks that get access here.

That’s just one of the reasons the VC Accelerator is so great!

Bonus #3 – Done For You Unstuck Session Campaign (Swipe & Deploy)

Done for You Unstuck Session Campaign

Here you will discover a campaign that I ran just a few short weeks ago that resulted in me completely selling out of my open coaching sessions in 24 hours.

This is a 3-part email campaign and you’ll get all the details so you can swipe and deploy this into your coaching business when you are ready.

The beauty of this campaign is that it’s evergreen meaning you can run it over and over again.

In fact, this is something you could run once a month or better yet build it into an email autoresponder sequence to run on autopilot for you.

This simple campaign could easily provide you with enough coaching students to build a full-time business in my opinion.

Bonus #4 – How to Get Your First 10 Coaching Clients Cheat SheetVirtual Coach Cheat Sheet Bonus

One of the things I see folks struggle with is getting their first few coaching clients.

And maybe this is a concern for you?

Like many things just getting your first client can seem daunting. In this quick start training I’m going to show you how to get your first 10 coaching clients.

While my hope is that I can help you figure out the process to get 10 even if you ‘fail’ miserably and only got 2 or 3 coaching clients you can see how much this
one cheat sheet would be worth to you.

I’ll also show you the backdoor technique I used to successfully get my first 10 coaching clients for a new business in 4 days.

Oh and that little 4 day campaign I ran resulted in over $125,000 in sales for me. Of course I’m not saying you’ll get those same results or that my results are typical but I’m going to teach you the framework and process I used.

Bonus #5 – Definitive Guide on How to Create an Irresistible Coaching Offer

VC Accelerator Coaching Bonus

In this step by step checklist you’ll learn my exact process on creating an irresistible coaching offer.

This is one of the most important components of selling.

When the offer is not just good but irresistible the selling really does take care of itself.

This is the exact checklist I used to create a test coaching offer that I sold
only via email to generate $50,000 in sales in a few days, which was pretty cool.

And the conversion rate was over 83%.

Imagine being able to do that in your coaching business.

More on that exact campaign in bonus #8 :-).

Bonus #6 – Obscure Coaching Niche Black Paper

Virtual Coach Bonus Black Paper

When it comes to building a coaching business you most likely have a specific market in mind already.

Something that fits into your zone of genius and that’s great.

However, over the years I’ve studied what markets work best and what markets are tough to operate in.

During that time I discovered some of the most obscure and little known markets that folks have built massive coaching businesses in.

These little known markets hold gold for us as we can use them as models and frameworks to enhance what we do.

That’s why in this black paper I’m going to breakdown everything you need to know including 7 obscure markets folks are generating up to $1,000,000 a year with consistently.

And you can simply model what they do or use their strategies as a framework for your own coaching business.

Bonus #7 – Cashflow for Coaching Your Step by Step Guide

Cashflow for Coaching Bonus for Virtual Coach

When it comes to selling you’ll hear folks talk about how getting a customer is the hardest thing to do.

Keeping a customer is a whole other story and from my experience if you do a few things right your customer retention is astronomical.

How do I know?

Well I have a backend group coaching offer that dwarfs what others get for retention.

Most folks would be happy with a 6 month retention and yet I have a retention that is in the years.

And it’s just getting better and better.

My ability to retain my coaching students produces better results for them (most important thing) and allows me to have consistent and predictable income for my business.

In this bonus I’ll show you my secret on how some of my group coaching students have been with us for over 8 years.

Bonus #8 – Tiny List Profits Training (Swipe & Deploy)

Tiny List Profits VC Bonus Eben Pagan

This might just be the most valuable part of VC Accelerator.

I want to break a myth for you…you see a lot of folks think you need a BIG email list to make huge profits.

The fact is that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

List size is nearly irrelevant.

There are 3 other things that matter much more.

The biggest thing though is…well I’ll save that for the bonus but trust me it’s important.

That’s why in this bonus I’m going to breakdown my secret to making huge profits with tiny lists.

I’ll even give you a campaign that I used to close 5 out 6 people into a coaching program that cost $10,000.  And how I did it all with ONLY email.

That’s right I never had to ‘sell’ them on the phone.

Once they went through my process all I did was send them a order link straight to the cart.

That’s how irresistible the offer was.

And in this you’ll get all the juicy details you need to replicate this yourself.

As you can see the VC Accelerator is a total no-brainer. And if you are planning on building a coaching business you NEED to have it.

So here’s what to do now…

New 12 Month Payment Plan Expires 11/26 at Midnight PST

Click Here to Get Virtual Coach + VC Accelerator

Now for the bad news is the VC Accelerator is strictly limited to 30 spots and
21 have already been filled.

So there are ONLY 9 Spots left.

Ready to secure your spot in Eben’s Virtual Coach Training + VC Accelerator bonus.

Go here now or click the button below.

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How to Claim Your VC Accelerator Bonus

First the VC Accelerator Bonus is ONLY available to the first 30 folks that purchase Eben’s Virtual Coach through my link here.

Here’s what you need to do to claim your copy of VC Accelerator:

1) Go to Eben’s page with my link and choose the best investment option for you. (note those who choose the full payment option will get a 60-minute coaching call with me)

Here’s the link to use:

2) To be sure that I’m given credit for the purchase it’s advised that you clear your cookies first.  You can learn how to do that here.  After that click on the link above to get started.

3)  Send us your receipt at our support desk here with the subject line “VC Accelerator” – my team will confirm your order and will write you back within 12-24 hours confirming the bonus delivery timeline.

4)– That is all – please note, VC Accelerator is only good for the first 30 folks to purchase. If we are expired on bonus then we will tell you on this page.

If this link is still working, then you can still access the VC Accelerator bonus.

On your side,
Ryan Coisson


In full transparency I’m an affiliate for Eben’s training program, the Virtual Coach so if you purchase through my link I’ll earn a commission. That said, I am 100% endorsing and standing behind this training program, which is why I’ve created this valuable bonus package (VC Accelerator) specifically designed to get you results.