How to Be Productive as an Entrepreneur

On average, twenty-percent of the workday is spent on important (read: profitable) tasks, while eighty-percent of the workday is wasted, yes, wasted on tasks that hold little, or no value.

Productivity is the main goal of any entrepreneur, trying to achieve a scalable income. If you aren’t being productive and efficient, you are wasting your time.

80 Percent of Time is Wasted At Work

80 percent of time spent at work is not profitable

Unfortunately, Cornerstone Dynamics reveals that on average, twenty-percent of the workday is spent on important (read: profitable) tasks, while eighty-percent of the workday is wasted, yes, wasted on tasks that hold little, or no value (R).

Surprising, right?

Imagine for a moment if you increased your profitable work productivity.

You could actually double or triple your productivity easily and in many cases, this could dramatically increase your top line revenues and business profits.


How does an entrepreneur swap those numbers and spend 80% or more time on profitable tasks?


How does an entrepreneur even start to wade through the clutter of daily tasks, to garner importance?

After all, most business owners don’t intentionally fill their busy schedules with tasks that hold little or no value, right?

Fortunately, the solution isn’t a game show, so there isn’t a right door to peek behind.

The Secret to Time Management Can Be Confusing

The solution to time management as an entrepreneur isn’t as easy as selecting the right game show door.  However, batching is a useful way to make the hours spent at work as productive as possible.

Instead, the solution is found in Batching.

Yes, batching.

Batching, though revolutionary to the entrepreneurial time-saving solutions is a simple concept to understand and implement.

In a guest post to Michael Hyatt’s blog, communications strategist, Joshua Leatherman (R), describes Batching as(R):

Batching is simply a form of time management that allows a person to maximize concentration and decrease distraction. As a result, it increases your productivity, creativity, and mental sharpness, while decreasing fatigue, procrastination, and stress.

Batching is setting aside intentional blocks of time for specific and intentional tasks and not allowing distractions or interruptions to break that focus. When batching, plan blocks of “break-time” between each block of focused tasks to help maintain focus and productivity.

When done right this can be something that dramatically changes how you work and it can allow you to get more done in half the time.

In fact, batching can be used to double your results, through rectifying mistakes,  planning, and prioritizing tasks appropriately.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Using Batching to Double Your Results

STEP #1: Rectifying Mistakes

Secret #1 to Batching is Rectifying Mistakes

The first step in batching a day’s work is to recognize the mistakes that are being made and rectify them.

Entrepreneurs want to use their time wisely, as there is only so much that can get done in a day.

Business Owners Never Seem to Have Enough Hours in the Day

It seems there’s never enough time to get everything done as a business owner. Time management can be accomplished however through methods such as batching.

But regardless of how time is prioritized, and tasks are organized, it seems there’s never enough time to get everything done.

In the end, entrepreneurs run around frantically trying to complete everything and get ahead of schedule. But ultimately, something always comes up. Thus, the hopes of finishing the daily to-do list are dashed for another day.

However, instead of doing the same thing over and over, the first step in batching a day’s work is to recognize the mistakes that are being made in the process.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes business owners make, while trying to organize their day:

Common Mistakes When it Comes to Organizing Your Day

3 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Organizing Your Day

When organizing your day try to avoid multi-tasking, not giving yourself enough time and over-scheduling.

Multi-Tasking (R)While some people swear that multi-tasking is the key to productivity, there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Splitting focus between important tasks not only ends up taking longer, it’s more frustrating because it’s taking so long! It’s not getting done to the best of the entrepreneur’s ability, because their attention is being spliced in multiple directions.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Time- There is never enough time in the day, mostly because entrepreneurs constantly underestimate the time it takes to perform a task.

According to Basecamp founder David Heinemeier, people should give twenty-five percent more time to a task then the time they believe it’s going to take. Everyone wants to be proactive and get as much done as they can throughout the workday. However, if you don’t give yourself enough time, you’re simply chasing your tail(R).

Give twenty-five percent more time to a task than the time you believe it’s going to take.

Over-Scheduling-Accurately allocating your time and talents is another skill that many entrepreneurs lack. Sure, there are only so many hours in the day and again, there’s so much that needs to get done.

However, by over-scheduling yourself, you’re undercutting your own advancements. If you underestimate the time it’s going to take for you to complete a task and you need to push it off until the next day, your whole week is now behind, instead of that one day.

Distractions- Distractions are the root of all time-management issues. According to a New York Times article, it can take up to twenty-five minutes to regain your focus after being distracted (and that doesn’t count the time it took to complete whatever it was that distracted you) (R).

 According to a New York Times article, it can take up to twenty-five minutes to regain your focus after being distracted.

Prioritize for Productivity When Working for Yourself

As an entrepreneur, you need to prioritize what needs to be handled now and what can wait.

Yet, between phones that constantly have notifications, friends and employee interruptions, and simply being a human being, distractions take us away from our tasks.

However, sometimes, when an urgent email comes in, it’s hard to even recognize it as a distraction. Although, remember that to everyone, when they want your attention, it is an emergency.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you need to prioritize what you, the owner of the business, need to handle immediately, and what can wait until your priorities are finished.  This is why I recommend not checking your phone or email until a few hours after you start working. Aim to get the highest priorities done first before you ever check email, your phone or social media accounts.    This alone will help you get way more done.

I also recommend you when you are working in blocks of time that you have your phone off or in airplane mode.  You should also keep it out of sight so in a drawer or in the other room.

Step #2: Planning

Secret #2 to Batching is Proper Planning

Planning is the focus of being successful in batching

Planning is the focus of being successful at Batching. If you’re able to plan appropriately (and stick to that plan), you will start to see results almost immediately.

Benjamin Franklin famously said:

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Planning is the focus of being successful at Batching.

1. Schedule Out Your Day

You Must Plan Your Day in Advance to Be Productive

The first step in a successful day, managed by batching, is to schedule out your day.

Take fifteen minutes, at the beginning of your day and plan it out.  Better yet plan it out the night before, which is what I like to do. Business owners should have an overall plan for the week, but in the evening or morning, breaking up your daily tasks sets the mind toward the amount of work it has ahead of it.

I’ve been running a business online a long time and this one tip alone will dramatically change how you work and get things done.

2. Determine Which Tasks are Similar in Nature

Start by Determining What Tasks are Similar

The 2nd step to batching is to determine which tasks are similar.

The second step is to determine which tasks are similar in nature. Schedule, or batch these tasks consecutively.

According to Scott H. Young, by batching similar tasks together, it helps diminish the start and stop time dramatically and it improves focus (R). Because the tasks have a similar feel, the brain is not forced to shift from one random task to the next and so the workflow is more fluid. This way focus is more easily maintained.

Batching similar tasks together, helps diminish the start and stop time dramatically and it improves focus. – Scott H. Young

If you are currently switching from say emails to paid traffic campaigns, to email promotions, to running a webinar, to reviewing reports, to writing a blog post you are doing yourself a huge disservice.


The 3rd step to batching is to get to work. (2)

The 3rd step to batching is to get to work.

Once the tasks are batched appropriately, the third step is to get to work.

Work in specific blocks of time and execute.

I prefer to work in 90-minute laser focused blocks of time.

Step #3: Prioritizing Tasks Appropriately

Prioritize tasks.

Prioritizing is a theme seen throughout the batching process.  In business, priority equals profit.

Priority is a theme that is repetitious throughout the batching process.

Of course, you have your priorities, such as family, friends, and your business. Yet, prioritizing tasks are far more intense.

Priority in business equals profit from my experience.

Priority in business equals profit.

Therefore, it’s important to prioritize tasks in a way that completes the tasks that are directly profitable first.

I learned this years ago from bestselling author Robert G Allen when he taught me the concept of First Things First.

This basically means, the closer the task brings you to see a paycheck, the higher that task should be up on that list.

Or another way to look at is the first thing you should do every day are the most highly profitable tasks in your business.

Prioritize High Dollar Tasks First

When batching, the closer a task on your list brings you to see a paycheck, the higher that task should be up on that list.

After directly profitable tasks are finished, focus on tangent profitable tasks, which could be things like; meetings, emails, and phone calls.

I prefer to batch phone calls into one block of time with a short few minutes of break between each phone call.  I also will batch all my notes for each of the calls before the calls start aiming to keep every call as short as it possibly can be without any distractions.

Tangent Profitable Tasks

Meetings- Despite what we may like to believe, meetings are often not the best use of time; especially as an entrepreneur. It takes time away from doing work, and is more of a checkup, to ensure everything is going okay.

Therefore, don’t make a meeting any longer than it must be. Meetings aren’t a time to be social. They are an occupational hazard and must be treated as such. Get in the meeting, get whatever needs to be accomplished over with and get out.

You should also set a clear agenda and clear meeting timeline so you stay focused and are forced to finish with a certain time period.  Also, it’s best to set a meeting from my experience later in the day so folks can get their most productive and profitable work down first thing.

Batch Meetings, Email and Phone Calls

Tangent profitable tasks include meetings, answering and organizing emails, and making phone calls.

Email-Emails are better than meetings because you don’t have to travel to them, but besides that, they are electronic meetings.

The best way to prioritize emails is to use a filter and file system, so that specific clients, invoices, and other information can be sorted quickly and efficiently.

That way, they aren’t taking up space in your inbox (R). (This also keeps them Batched and organized.)

One thing I try to do (not always successfully) is to respond to emails twice per day at set times.  I also am always looking for ways to outsource aspects of my inbox and soon will be experimenting with outsourcing my whole inbox.

Remember email is there to serve you not the other way around.

Phone Calls-There is much that can be efficiently accomplished with a phone call. While email is nice, there are a lot of business situations where they can be misconstrued. With a phone call, a question can be answered right then and there, without having to meet the person, which takes up far more of your valuable time.

Returning phone calls in a Batch formation is also good because you are already sworn into a rhythm. Therefore, the calls can be systematically taken care of, instead of hanging over your head all day, or week.

I prefer to do phone calls later in the day and usually aim to schedule them at the same time.  Another good way to batch phone call meetings in one afternoon or day.  For example, I have a friend that does all is phone calls, virtual meetings, and connecting on Fridays only each week.


To wrap things up, batching only works if the business owner is willing to restructure their day and learn from the mistakes they’ve made in the past. While batching is a simple concept, the practice of it, effectively, only works through dedication and self-discipline.

However, if batching is done in a productive, inciteful manner, it is sure to double your results faster than you could’ve imagined possible.

To learn more about batching check out Chris Ducker’s video on “Embracing the Power of Batching for Daily Productivity:”

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The Trick to Organizing Gmail: PC World

How to Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag is something that plagues most people at some point and whether you travel for business, work, or traveling for fun the very last thing you want is to have to deal with jet lag, right?

Well…in this guide, you are going to learn how you can quickly and easily beat jet lag even if you’ve suffered from severe jet lag in the past.  That way you can knock out all of the jetlag symptoms like fatigue and focus on the prevention no matter how many time zones you’ll be crossing.

After traveling around the world many times over I’ve learned a series of protocols, processes and a few tools that will dramatically help you in your fight against jetlag.

Getting Started with Beating Jet Lag

How To Deal with Getting Jet Lag

Before we start talking about how to stop jet lag I think we need to start at the beginning.


What exactly causes jet lag when you travel (also known as desynchronosis or circadian dysrhythmia)?

To understand what causes jet lag and the symptoms you feel we need to understand that our bodies are aligned on a 24-hour cycle (circadian rhythm) this is often referred to as your body clock.

Basically, your body uses this clock to perform certain biological functions for you.  This might be something like releasing hormones that help promote sleep or even increasing the temperature of your body to help you wake up at the start of your day.

Now that we understand that…jet lag is caused when your body’s natural clock (body clock), or circadian rhythm, is disrupted by traveling to different time zones.

For example, if you travel from Los Angeles to Hong Kong you might leave LAX at 12:10 PM arriving over 15 hours later at 6:20 PM the very next day local time.

Yet your body would think it’s about 3 AM your local time, which if you don’t prepare properly could give you some serious jet lag.

Circadian rhythm Disruption

How to Beat Jet Lag Part #1 – Your Pre-Flight Gameplan 

When it comes to conquering jet lag I think one of the most important things you can do is prepare properly and that starts before you ever get to the airport.

Here’s my pre-flight gameplan in a 4-part checklist for you.

Pre-Flight Gameplan Checklist

1. I focus on booking flights that are going to arrive at a time that works with my schedule and normal routine.  For example, I always try to book flights that leave later in the day going to Asia where I arrive in the morning, which allows me to easily sleep on the flight without worrying about being too awake when I arrive.Ideally direct flights or one-stop through LA or SF will get me there early in the morning.

2. Fasting.  I normally fast for 16 hours a day, eating my first meal about 1 or 2 pm each day and eat during an 8-hour window because I focus on intermittent fasting.  You don’t need to do that here, but you I do recommend that you fast during the flight.

Here’s how this normally works for me sticking with the flight from LA to Hong Kong.

If I have say a 10 pm flight from LA (LAX) I’ll eat my last meal either before the flight leaves at the airport or at home making sure to avoid sugar and alcohol as much as possible.  I’m not trying to eat ‘extra’ food here rather just eating as normal.

I will then fast the whole flight and won’t eat my next meal until I normally would eat my first meal.  So, if I eat dinner in the US my next normal meal would be late lunch, 1 pm or after.  Sometimes this might cause an extra bit of fasting but that’s ok. Fasting is good for you from time to time and if you want to learn more about it you can read this book.

**Please don’t take this or anything else here as medical advice you should consult your doctor first

Now I make sure I don’t eat til that time because this helps my body (body clock) recognize I’m still in sync so to speak.

If you need help curbing your appetite you can drink sparkling water or something like black coffee.

3. Exercise.  When you are in good shape your body naturally has a better time with recovery especially if you do a lot active recovery.  Anytime I have a long flight even if it’s just 4 hours or so I like to get in a good workout the day of the long flight.

I prefer shorter but more intense workouts like my friend Chris Winters talks about in Fatspiracy but any physical activity is usually better than none.  And if you can do the workout outside or spend some time outside in the fresh air I find that’s even better.

4. Hydrate.  Most people are not drinking enough water. When you are exercising and traveling on longer flights you really want to make sure you are drinking a lot of water.  To stay hydrated I avoid things like fruit juices with added sugar, soda, alcohol, and coffee.

From my experience when you travel you should be drinking a lot more water than normal, particularly on long international flights so be sure to hydrate well before the flight and also bring some bottles of water on the flight.

Let’s Recap Step #1 to Beating Jet Lag

Beating Jet Lag Pre-Flight Gameplan

How to Beat Jet Lag Part 2 – Your Flight Gameplan

As the old saying by Ben Franklin goes if you don’t have a plan you plan to fail.  And from my experience, it’s 100% true here.

So here’s my gameplan for the flight so you can beat jet lag.

1. Stay hydrated – as an example, if we are using the flight from LA to Asia I’ll aim to drink a minimum of 2.5 – 3 liters of water on that direct flight. More if there is a layover. And for a lot of people, this is more water than they ever drink in a day, which is ok because most people are chronically dehydrated.

2. Sleep – this will depend on how long your flight is and what time of day you are traveling.  I’ve trained myself to sleep well on a plane, but here are some things I use to help that should work if you typically don’t sleep well on a plane.

a. Get a sleep mask – you can grab one for cheap on here

b. Noise canceling earbuds with the white noise. (this alone is shown to help because of the reverberation in the plane)

[+] I use the Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones available on Amazon here.

[+] Here’s a link to the Bose Wireless headphones as well.

[+] I personally love the Bose products, however, if you are looking for a less expensive option you can check these out on Amazon as well.

c. Delta Sleeper ( – it’s been game changer for me. It’s a small 1/2 oz wearable technology device, that will help you fall asleep more easily, stay asleep, and provides a better quality of sleep, which is great for the airplane.

You can learn more about it on their official site here.

d. Melatonin. Some people take Melatonin as well. I don’t personally but could be a good option for some and it’s available on Amazon here.

e.  If you have problems falling asleep and don’t have something like the delta sleeper you can use breathing exercises like box breathing to calm your mind and body down, which helps you sleep.  Or you can simply use the Deep Calm breathing sequence of the Oak Meditation app.

3. After I wake up on the plane I walk around and move my body.  Some light stretching, breathing and drink lots and lots of water.

4. If I’m not going to be sleeping on the plane because the flight is shorter or I’m arriving in the evening I will always create a gameplan of things to do.  This usually includes reading, journaling, listening to some new music that I added to my Spotify, watching movies, and often time doing some focused work.

The key is that if I need to stay up because of when I’ll arrive on the ground I make sure to have a whole host of things of things to keep me busy.

Let’s Recap Step #2 to Beating Jet Lag

Jet Lag In-Flight GamePlan

How to Beat Jet Lag Part 3 – Your Post-Flight Protocol

From my experience, this is usually the critical part.  After I land I do everything in my power to hit the ground running so to speak and this is where I see most people ‘give in’ to jet lag.

One of the first things I do after I land is buy a few bottles of water. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to stay very hydrated.

Here’s my post-flight protocol.

1. Check-in to my hotel or Airbnb and unpack.

2. Shower and freshen up.  I like to add about 30-60 seconds of very cold water at the end of the shower.  This helps to wake up the cells in your body and can have some hormonal benefits as well.  You can alternate between hot and cold if you needed to just end on cold.

3. Hit the gym.  I personally hit the gym and get my body moving. At the very least 20-30 minutes of cardio to get my blood pumping.  If it’s sunny outside I’ll actually go for a walk outside and get as much sunshine as possible.  Part of the secret to rebooting your body clock so to speak is showing it that the sun is out and it’s time to be awake.

For some, you could even lay out by the pool and get some sun if that’s possible within your schedule.

4. Post workout – this is an ideal scenario and not always possible, but I like to do this when I’m at home so again I try to keep my schedule as normal as possible.  I’ll do a cycle or two of the steam room or sauna (10 minutes), Cold plunge or cold shower (1-2 minutes), steam room/sauna (10 minutes), cold plunge or cold shower (1-3 minutes).

For me, it’s a great way to end my workout and leaves me feeling quite energized.  Now if I spend this extra time in the steam room or sauna I really make sure I drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated.

5. Get on with my day and make sure to have my first meal at my normal time of 1 pm or after.  This meal I keep to high-fat foods such as avocado, things cooked in olive oil, fish, etc and lots of veggies.  I purposely avoid things high in grains to keep me from getting sleepy.

Depending on where I am I’ll do my best to also get some fresh green juice, wheat grass, or something similar.

6. At the end of the day, I like to follow my evening ritual, which is designed to help me fall asleep. Again this is something I normally do and includes some simple things like wearing blue light blocking glasses at night, using a foam roller or lacrosse ball to do some trigger point on my back, hips, and legs (5-15 minutes), doing the deep breathing sequence in the meditation app Oak (about a 60 seconds), drink some tea (non-caffeinated) and relax by doing some reading or journaling.

I try to avoid things that will keep me up like starting a new movie, bingeing on some Netflix series or anything like that and I always have the flux app on any device of mine.

A few tips on sleep – first, I could write a whole guide on this but here are 5 of my favorite. hacks.

5 Sleep Hacks Designed to Help You Get More Restful Sleep

5 Sleep Hacks
  1. Block out any light. Close the shades, unplug the TV, etc. Ideally, the room will be totally dark.  I even travel with an eye mask in case I can’t fully block out the light.  This starts earlier in the night by using blue light blocking glasses like I mentioned.
  2. Keep the room cold. It’s been shown that you can sleep much more soundly if your bedroom is cold.
  3. No technology 60-90 minutes before you sleep.
  4. Put your devices in airplane mode.
  5. Use something like Magnesium oil or Magnesium spray, I like the Ease Magnesium Spray.

Let’s Recap Step #3 to Beating Jet LagBeat Jet Lag with Post Flight Gameplan

That about sums it up.

After years of living on the road traveling north and south, east and west and a work schedule that has taken me all over the world, I’m happy to say that following this protocol helps me to never have jet lag anymore.

A few quick reminders.

[+] This works for you whether you are heading one direction or another.  I know certain people have bigger issues with going east than they do west and if that’s you this will still help.

[+] Make sure you do what you can to keep parts of your routine the same. Give your body some normalcy when possible.

[+] Hydration is key. Most folks are dehydrated and getting enough water especially on long travel is very important.

If you have any questions or need any additional help just comment below.

Ultimate Guide to Profit Engine

In this ultimate guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Profit Engine, the creators of the Profit Engine program, and whether or not this is the right program for you.

Quick Sidebar: I do know all 3 of the guys behind the Profit Engine program and have for years so I have a bit of an inside track here.  There is some information they’ve asked me to hold back, however, I’m making this as complete as possible and will be updating it more later down the line.

Let’s start…

What is Profit Engine?

Official Profit Engine Logo

Profit Engine has been specifically designed to be the ultimate program for teaching you the exact A to Z steps on how to build a profitable business online by selling affiliate products with paid traffic.

Now if you are new to affiliate marketing there are usually 3 main types of affiliate marketers:

[+] SEO/Content Marketing Affiliates

[+] Email Marketers

[+] Paid Traffic Affiliates

That said none of these are right or wrong or really good or bad.

In fact eventually, an affiliate could do all of them.

What I can tell you is that when it comes to making money as an affiliate you can do it a lot of ways yet the one that has always been the fastest for me is related to paid traffic.

When I say fastest that means the one to get you the fastest results :-).

And that’s what the Profit Engine program is all about.

How Does the Profit Engine Program Work?

As I mentioned above the Profit Engine program is fully comprehensive and teaches you everything from A to Z.

This makes it totally ‘noob’ proof yet extremely powerful for those who are more advanced affiliate marketers.

The Profit Engine Program  – Part 1

The first part of the program is the ‘newbie’ level.

Here you are going to start with one of the most important aspects of any affiliate marketing campaign, which is finding profitable niches because trust me not all niches are created equal.

And it’s a lot easier and I mean a lot easier to make money online when you are in the right niche.

Next, you are going to cover a lot of ground diving into really important things like:

  • Creating high CTR (click through rate) ads
  • How to create high converting presell pages
  • Why you want to create a presell page in the first place (most people don’t do this by the way)
  • Choosing the right offers to promote (get this wrong and your job becomes 10x as hard – get it right and the money can just start flowing in)
  • And so many other foundational training things

The Profit Engine Program  – Part 2

Now that you’ve built a foundation you are going to be ready to start running simple and easy ads at a very low budget.

Now from my own personal experience years and years ago, I know it can be a bit scary to spend money on traffic right out the gate.  That’s why they focus on helping you run ads with a super small budget until you are comfortable and find a winner.

Afterward, this is where it can start to get really exciting because you are going to learn how you can test, which is a major key to any promotion.  And through that testing, you can start to scale up as quickly as possible.

Now let me give you some ‘real talk’. Most people are scared to scale.


Because they don’t want to take the risk of losing money.  Understandable, right?

Well…through the Profit Engine system and protocols, you’ll learn how to scale without risking a lot of cash by only scaling when your small budget ads are bringing in a good ROI.

More on that later though.

The Profit Engine Program  – Part 3

I can’t give any more details on this just yet, but I promise as soon as I’m allowed I will :-).

Get more details by registering for this upcoming training class here.

Who is the Profit Engine Course Right For?

Let’s be honest not all training programs are right for every single person and the same holds true for Profit Engine.

So who is this for?

Well, the program is specifically designed to help both total newbies and those who are more advanced.  The focus is on generating profits by being an affiliate of high converting offers and running simple and easy to setup paid ads.

The way the program has been laid out it truly is perfect for anyone wanting to get started on the journey to replacing their income so they can quit their job.

That’s just the starting point though because it can take someone way beyond that too.

Click Here to Secure Your Spot in Profit Engine

Who is the Profit Engine Program NOT for?

Here’s the deal if you are looking to sell physical products, build your own brand of products, or create your own information product this is probably not right for you.

If you are also thinking it’s better to start out with supposed ‘free’ traffic through SEO this is the wrong training for you.

However, if you are looking for a simple and easy to implement a process that has been proven year after year that leverages simple presell pages + easy to create ads this could be just what you are looking for.

Who is Behind the Profit Engine Program?

The folks behind the Profit Engine program are Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer and Mark Ling.

Profit Engine Creators Rob Jones - Gerry Cramer - Mark Ling

Rob Jones | Gerry Cramer | Mark Ling

What Exactly Comes with Profit Engine?

The best way to get all the details of what comes in Profit Engine is by going here.

#1 Best Kartra Bonus

Ultimate Kartra Bonus Package

You’re About to Discover the Absolute Best Bonus for Kartra

Kartra Image LogoLook…we both know there are a lot of folks out there offering bonuses when you join Kartra through their affiliate link.

Here’s the thing though most of the bonuses you are going to see are a total waste of your time.

Here’s what I mean…I haven’t personally seen another bonus that is specifically designed to help you get the most value possible from your purchase of Kartra.

Let me give you a little bit of advice that I learned a long time ago.

When you are looking for a bonus to a product it’s not about getting something that has tons of “bonuses” or something that looks like it has a lot of bells & whistles.

The only question you need to ask is how is this bonus going to help me make more money in my business by leveraging what I’m buying (Kartra in this example)?

That’s all you need to know.

And that’s why my bonus is the absolute best because it focuses on the #1 thing most gurus and marketers avoid talking about.

What’s that?


Yes, my Kartra bonus is all about helping you get traffic in just about any niche and just about any online business.

Your Kartra Bonus – Traffic on Demand 4-Part Training Class

When you join Kartra with my affiliate link and get this HUGE bonus here’s exactly what the Traffic on Demand 4-Part live training class does for you.

It allows you to quickly and easily leverage a proven framework and process that I’ve been using for over
a decade to get all the traffic you want.

I’m talking about generating traffic to…

[+] Physical products.

[+] Info products

[+] Affiliate products

[+] SASS

[+] Services

[+] and just about any other online business you want.

This training is based on principles, systems and processes NOT some traffic hack that is going to stop working in the next few days, weeks or months.

It’s about generating traffic for the long-term that most importantly leads to sales.

This 4-part live training class that starts on May 2nd will make your life a lot easier – believe me.

Traffic on Demand Training Class Schedule

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Simply put, I know you might be taking a leap of faith to test Kartra out and see how it compares to whatever tool(s) you are using.  That said, I want to reward you for that and I know that while Kartra is going to be a great fit for almost everyone who tests it out I know that maybe for a few it won’t be a match.

And I’d rather not punish you if it doesn’t work out the way you want.

How cool is that?

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Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1So to recap…

Kartra is a brilliant tool that is going to do make your life easier, save you money, and help you make way more sales in your business.

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dollar trial to Kartra

And if you are wondering if Kartra is the right fit here’s what I recommend you do.

#1 – Watch this video

#2 – Check out My Ultimate Kartra Review & Buyer Guide

Kartra Image Logo

Kartra Update: 11/05/20 When you join Kartra you’ll also be getting my full Kartra bonus as explained here.

Kartra by Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern and their team is specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and online business owners break down the HUGE digital wall that is keeping them from the success they so desire.   Kartra has come into the marketplace to solve what would seem a very common issue in a totally unique way. 

My name is Ryan and I have vast experience with utilizing services like Kartra to solve this core problem…more on that in a moment though.  This ultimate Kartra guide will also act as a personal Kartra review and includes a very special bonus for those who give Kartra a try through my affiliate link here.

Before we dive in let me cover 2 important things.

  1. I’m a Kartra user and have actually purchased Kartra by requesting my invite here.  This tool presents an opportunity not only to be able to build awesome pages and funnels but something that literally can help us get rid of a lot of other services we use and pay for each month.

Here’s Proof of My Kartra Order:

Kartra Trial Order Proof

2. Please note that I’m an affiliate for Kartra so if you decide to request your $1 trial invite through my link here I will, in fact, earn a commission if you become a full paying member.  That being said this is a completely honest review of Kartra where I hold nothing back on what I believe are both the pros and cons of this new market platform designed to compete with the likes of Clickfunnels and LeadPages.

Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1 Karta Guide and Review

What is the #1 Problem That Kartra Solves?

What Really Matters When Making Sales OnlineWhen it comes to building a business online the founders of Kartra believe your success is determined by one thing.

Making sales.

Pretty simple, right?

And they believe…that there are only two things that we entrepreneurs need to do to make that happen.

They are:

[+] Talking

[+] Typing

But There is a HUGE Problem…

To get to a point where all we have to do is focus on generating sales we have to deal with something that most people don’t think about.

It can go under many different names, but I like how Andy describes it here in his video.

Simply put, it’s the…

Big Ugly Digital Wall

What is the Big, Huge, Ugly, Digital Wall?

Here is a sneak peek…

My suggestion is that you watch the video below to get a full understanding of what Andy Jenkins means about this whole typing and talking + digital wall stuff.

Andy Jenkins Holy Grail of Online Marketing Kartra

Click Here to Watch Andy Explain it All 

What is Kartra’s Secret Weapon?

In a marketplace where funnel builders seem to be a dime a dozen with companies like Clickfunnels and LeadPages giving people solutions, where does Kartra fit in?


Kartra Gives You More

Things Like…

Frank Kern 4 Day Cash MachineFrank Kern’s famous 4-Day Cash Machine that is specifically designed to help you generate sales in 4 days.

Best part the Four Day Cash Machine is it has been working for years and will continue working for years and years no matter what market or niche you are in.

The fact is this one campaign alone could be a game-changer for your business.

Click here to learn more about the 4 Day Cash Machine + all the other pre-built campaigns.

Not only are you getting these campaigns handed to you on a complete silver platter with Kartra you are getting…

  1. Email Copy
  2. Sales Page Copy
  3. Optin Page Copy
  4. Thank You Page Copy
  5. Registration Page Copy
  6. Order Form Page Copy

And it’s not just the copywriting for emails and pages that are being handed to you on a silver platter.

Kartra comes with a whole lot more and you can get all the details right here.

Here’s a Preview of the Done for You Campaign Section in Kartra – Including Frank Kern’s 4 Day Cash Machine

More Kartra Done for You Campaigns

Want to See the Kartra Done for You Campaigns in Action?


**Simply go here or click the orange button below and scroll down the page to DFY Campaigns**

Done For You Kartra Campaigns in Action

Take a Look at the Kartra Page Builder (Kartra Pages) in Action

Kartra Pages in Action

How to Launch Automated, Sales Driving Campaigns in Minutes with Kartra Automations

One of my favorite things about the Kartra platform is that it is incredibly easy to get started by crafting automated marketing funnels.

These same comprehensive funnels and campaigns are specifically designed to engage your interested prospects and customers.

Here’s the BEST part…you can do this even if you are a total newbie and horrible with technology just like me :-).

Here’s How it Works…

First, I think it’s important to understand it works from the simplest 1-step automations to the most complex, multi-layered campaign sequences.

And you only need to use the Kartra drag and drop editor.

Unlike a lot of drag and drop editors what I’m liking most is that there is an easy to use/understand Visula Sequence Builder.

Here’s a picture of it.

Kartra Visual Sequence Builder

It gives you all the tools to quickly get up and running.

This includes:

  • Sending emails and SMS
  • Adding/removing tags
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to lists
  • Remove from a sequence (or add to another!)
  • Wait between steps
  • Add all kinds of automations

When you combine Kartra’s powerful funnel and campaign builder with all the other tools and gorgeous, high-converting templates Kartra puts at your fingertips, it’s now far easier than ever before for you to profitably and quickly grow your business.

Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1


Will Kartra Be a Fit for You?

Yes, it does and it doesn’t matter if you sell…

  • ebooks
  • high-end consulting and coaching
  • physical products
  • services
  • software
  • or anything else…everything and anything can use Kartra
Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Give Kartra a 14-Day Test Drive Try Today

What is Kartra?

Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1

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What Are Others Already Saying About Kartra?

Paul Was Up & Running in ONE Day…

Kartra Testimonial Paul Dunn

Michael is Using Kartra Instead of Paying $300/month…Kartra Savings Success Story

 Jeff Long is Saving Over $2k/month with Kartra…

Jeff Long Testimonial for Kartra

Amanda Made the Change & is Loving Kartra…

Kartra Testimonial

Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1

Frequently Asked Questions About Kartra


What Type of Support is Provided with Kartra?

The Kartra WikiOne of the things that you and I can agree on is that we all need some support.  And the support that comes with Kartra is top notch.  They have a fully dedicated support desk located here.

In addition to the support desk, there is the Kartra Wiki containing helpful information regarding every aspect of the Kartra platform.  The image to the right show more about the wiki.

Here’s a look at what the full support panel looks like so you can see just how supported you are when you give Kartra a try.

Kartra Support Panel

Also, Kartra has a full live chat feature built-in to make sure you get the support that you need with whatever part of Kartra from the done for you campaigns, automations, Kartra pages, and more.

Here’s what the live chat part of the help desk looks like.

Kartra Live Chat Example

How Much Does Kartra Cost?

dollar trial to KartraWhen you request your invite for a limited time you can get a 14-day trial to Kartra for only $1.  You can go ahead and do that here.

After your 14-day trial, there are several account options from a starter account to diamond account.

The account you choose is going to be determined by a few things such as; how many contacts you have on your email list, pages, custom domains, helpdesk portals, page visits, automations, and more.

Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1

What Email Platforms Integrate Into Kartra?

What is so great about Kartra is when you use it you don’t have to worry about having a standalone email marketing platform anymore.

That means no more Aweber, Infusionsoft, Drip, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, Active Campaign or any of the other email service providers out there.

This alone could be saving you a fortune.  I know I personally pay over $500/mo to my own email service provider.

Best part this isn’t the only thing that Kartra replaces for you. Go here and scroll down to see a whole list of everything Kartra will replace for you.

Who Created Kartra?

Frank KernThe brains behind Kartra are Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern.

Andy is well-known for his other successful products like EverWebinar and Webinar Jam.  It’s this experience with software as a service that gives me confidence that the Kartra platform will mature and develop quickly as a platform.

Frank Kern is most well-known as being one of if not the highest paid copywriters in our internet marketing industry.  His vast knowledge of all forms of copywriting brings a very unique element to Kartra that truly separates them from similar services like Clickfunnels and LeadPages.

What I mean is you actually get access to copy written by Frank Kern that you can model and use for your pages, emails and full funnels already included in your Kartra membership.

Are There Any Bonuses for Joining Kartra During the Special Launch Pricing?

Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1Yes, 100% you get access to 3 HUGE Kartra bonuses right now when you request your $1 invite here.

Kartra Bonus #1 – Elite Level Done for You Marketing Campaigns a $1997 Value

Kartra Bonus #2 – Special Limited Time 14-day $1 Trial

Kartra Bonus #3 – Launch Only Discounted Pricing of 25% Off After Your $1 Trial Ends

Get 25 Percent of Kartra for a Limited Time

How Long Has Kartra Been in Development?

I have to say I was pretty surprised when I heard this, but Kartra has been in development by Andy Jenkins and his team for 5 years now and according to the team they have already invested over $4,000,000 in making it the most functional and useful tool of it’s kind.

What this means is that they have also had a lot of beta testers actually using the platform.  This has allowed for continued improvement and feedback from real users, which makes it even better for you :).

Also, I believe this makes it something that you can count on being around for a long time, which as entrepreneurs is very important because the last thing we want to do is setup all of our systems, processes, pages, funnels on a platform to only have it not exist 6 months later.

When is the Official Public Release of Kartra?

Andy Jenkins Holy Grail of Online Marketing KartraKartra is currently doing a limited release with special pricing up until later in April 2018.

Right now I believe the actual public release with increased pricing is going to be the 19th or 20th of April 2018 and the price is projected to increase quite a bit.

So if you’d like to get several Kartra bonuses + save 25% off the public prices now is the time to watch this video and request your invite.

Does Kartra Have a Refund Policy?

Kartra 30 day money back guaranteeYes, Kartra offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

That means you can use the quick and easy setup to fully utilize Kartra for the next 30 days and if you are not satisfied for any reason you’ve got nothing to risk because you can cancel anytime.

And if it’s within 30 days you can get your money back.

For the full and current details/terms please check out the Kartra official website here.

If I’m a Current Member of Kartra Where Do I Login?

Kartra Login PageAfter you’ve requested your invite to Kartra here and took the $1 trial you will be emailed exactly how to login to your members area.

If you are looking for the direct link to login you can go here.

Is Kartra Hard to Use?

Kartra AcademyLet me introduce you to the Kartra Academy.

Kartra Academy is designed to be your one-stop shop learning portal where you can quickly and easily learn how to do anything that you need to with Karta.

Oh and there is even a special learning portal section where you get access to specific training from Frank Kern.

Here’s a preview of what it looks like for you.

Kartra Academy Training Portal

Get Started with Kartra for ONLY $1

Request Your Kartra $1 Trial Here

Have more questions? or maybe you are wondering some of the following?

[+] Is Kartra PCI Compliant?

[+] What other platforms and services does Kartra replace?

[+] What else is included in your $1 trial to Kartra?

[+] Which package is best for you?

[+] Does Kartra integrate with other popular software platforms?

[+] Do I need design or coding skills to use Kartra properly?

[+] What are the system requirements?

[+] If I have my own domain can I still use Kartra?

[+] What payment gateways does Kartra support?

[+] How secure and reliable are Kartra?

While I’d love to answer these for you the founders of Kartra do such a good job on their official site so I recommend you head over there now and read all their FAQ’s.

You can find towards the bottom of the page right here. <=== Get your questions answered here 






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