Are Internet Marketing Events Worth It?

Looking to Go to an Internet Marketing Event? Read This First!

Internet marketing events SUCK!

I’m just being honest.

Most events for internet marketers just flat out suck.

Seriously, they are horrible…

They are overpriced, filled with outdated content, usually have speakers who just pitch garbage training and who don’t even make money outside of speaking, and a lot of times are boring as all hell.

But, and this is a big BUT…

There are some really, really good conferences out there.

Now before we get into that, let’s just talk frankly about IM events and conferences for a minute because I know a lot people have questions about them–especially if they are new to the industry.

Should I go to an online marketing event/conference?

A lot of people have this question because they may not be making a lot of money yet online or they are tired of the events that are just about getting you pumped up.


Let me just say this: going to live events has been one of the absolute best things I’ve done for my business.

No joke.

Outside of joining a mastermind, live events and training programs have always been my best investments.

You see, at live events a few things happen:

  1. You meet other online marketers in person
  2. You get to see real people who are having real results right in front of you (super important if you are new, struggling, or looking to take your business to the next level)
  3. You get to network and build relationships with others who are doing exactly what you are doing
  4. You can learn cutting edge material (depends on the event, but more on that later)

Whenever I go to live events, the material that they cover at the event needs to be what I’m interested in, but more importantly, I look at the caliber of people that are going to be there.

Let me repeat that.  I look at the caliber of people that are going to be at the event.


I want to surround myself with people who are making money and I mean making really good money.  Six figures at the minimum, but I prefer if they are making 7 figures or more.

What that means is that I’m not going to free events or events that are all about getting pumped up and full of fluff.

I’m going to well-known industry events that are going to have successful people at them who are serious about their business and are there to GSD.

As an example, look at this survey from the Underground Seminar by Yanik Silver.

Yanik Silver Underground Seminar

As you can see, at this event the caliber of people is really high and that’s why I’ll be there.

How to Get the Most Out of an Online Marketing Event?

I think I approach going to live events a little bit differently than others, but here’s what I do to get the most out of live events.


Look at the itinerary of the event and mark off the exact talks/presentations I want to see.  I like to go to those that interest me, but more importantly, those that I think are going to have the biggest impact on my business.

– FYI: If I end up in a talk/presentation and it just sucks, I leave the room and go network. This doesn’t happen very often though.


Network, network, network.

In my opinion, you are wasting your time if you are trying to connect with 50 million people at a live event.  You don’t have a lot of time and you are better off to connect and network with a handful of people who you want to build relationships with.

By keeping the number small you can focus on what you can do to provide value to that person and help them improve their business.  I always try to help and serve first, and my end goal is really making friends as opposed people that I can get something out of.

I think this is a major difference in how I approach things.

Remember that one connection can make a massive difference in your business.


Recognize that the biggest deals, networking, and secret sharing happens at dinners and bars.  Get in there and have fun (don’t become a sloppy drunk), but buy people drinks, network and enjoy yourself.  This is where people always make the best connections as they are relaxed and just having a good time.

What Are the Best Internet Marketing Events to Go To?

There are a lot of events for internet marketing that are happening all the time.  This is a short list of the events that I personally think you should check out, and I’ll do my best to keep this updated as time goes on.

Super Charger Seminar by Matt Lloyd –  Date: 12/13 – 12/15 Arizona

Traffic and Conversions Summit by Digital Marketer – Date:  01/23/14 – 01/25/14 San Diego, CA

Underground Seminar by Yanik Silver – Date: 02/20/14 – 02/24/14 New Orleans

If you end up coming to any of these events I’d love to meet you.  Just drop me a message here and we will connect.

Talk soon,


About the author: Hey, I’m Ryan. I believe in building real long-term businesses online and I’m the proud creator of Perfect Business Code (PB Code). I got my start online back in the early 2000’s and I’ve seen our community grow and evolve over nearly decades. I’m excited to share my philosophies, principles, strategy and even some tactics on creating a thriving and long lasting online business.

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  • raul

    I do think this can be something good as a bussines but what is the total to pay to have everything together

  • Ryan Coisson


    It really depends on what you do. Each live event has different costs and are in different locations so your costs will be different depending where you are.

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