Webinar Alchemy Bonus

Webinar Alchemy Bonus – ONLY 15 Available

My friend Stephen Renton has released his very first program called Webinar Alchemy.

If you don’t know Stephen go check out his site here.

In a very short period time he has made a very good name for himself in the IM industry as not only an expert at helping people launch products online, but as someone who truly understands online events.

He has absolutely mastered the ability to get people to not only signup for online events, but to show up on webinars and be engaged.

The key word there is ENGAGED.

Why should you care about that?

Well simply put, Stephen and the people that use his methods have 2-5x higher EPCs on their online events than just about everyone else I know.

That’s a major difference and it can me a ton of money to you.

Check out this video of Stephen to learn more <<

Since, I think this is so powerful and I know Stephen’s product is top notch I’m offering the bonus below.

Here’s proof of my purchase:

Webinar Alchemy Purchase Proof

My Unbeatable Bonus for Webinar Alchemy – Only 15 Available

Bonus #1: 30 Minute 1-on-1 Session with Me (only to the first 5 people)  – $500 Value

My current consulting rates are $1000 an hour and while that may seem like a lot to some people I work hard to deliver massive value in a short amount of time.  I’m going to do the same here and while my goal will be to help you get the most out of Stephen’s program this call can cover anything marketing related.

I personally think it is best spent covering your first webinar, but the choice is yours.

Bonus #2 for Webinar Alchemy: 60 Days of Email Coaching ($1000+ value)

You are bound to have some questions over the next few months as you use all of Stephen’s tools, his program and the bonuses he is offering you.  Whatever your questions are I’ll be here to help with my 60 days of coaching bonus.

Bonus #3: Detailed Analysis of Your Webinar ($497 value)

Since Stephen’s program is all about webinars/online events and getting the most out of them.  I’m willing to do a detailed analysis of your webinar slides to provide what I might think could be improvements.

This insight could mean the difference from webinar success or failure.  Even more important it could mean the difference from making a few sales to making a boatload of sales.

Get Instant AccessHow to claim your bonus:

  1. Clear Your Cookies ==> Learn How Here
  2.  Buy Webinar Alchemy through my link. >>> Click Here to Buy Webinar Alchemy <<<
  3.  Send your receipt and name to tnmmarketingsupport at gmail.com (replace at with @) with and the subject “Webinar Alchemy bonus”
  4.  Don’t refund and enjoy the program.

Get Instant Access

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