Have Your Google Adsense Earnings Dropped?

A few years ago Google Acquired an ad network called DoubleClick.   As of last month (September 09) Google has fully integrated their ads into DoubleClick.  I’m sure they will continue to tweak things over time, the ads have been fully integrated.

Since this integration many forum topics have opened up all over the net talking about how publisher’s Adsense earnings has dropped.  Many people are actually saying that their earnings have dropped drastically.  Here is one forum where people are talking about this: Google Integration Causes Decrease in Earnings

Have you notice a difference at all in your Google Adsense earnings?

There is actually a poll going on at SeoRoundTable and you can check it out at Google Adsense Poll

From my experiences so far my earnings have actually gone up, but there several people reporting that there earnings have gone done.  After you vote make sure you check out the voting results, pretty interesting.

Tell us what you have experience by commenting below.