Ultimate Guide to Jim Cockrum Amazon and eCom Products

Jim Cockrum has aimed to help folks just like you since 1997 by building multiple streams of income through online businesses leveraging sites like Amazon and eBay.

In fact, Cockrum has been selling on Amazon and eBay since the late 90’s and his book the Silent Sales Machine has been read by over 800,000 people.

That’s pretty incredible and for a limited time, you can get 2 free chapters of his book the Silent Sales Machine here.

Over the years Jim has created a large number of programs, tools, events, and books designed to help others see the success that he has seen in online business.

Here’s a List of the Most Popular Jim Cockrum Products

  1. Proven Amazon Course (special discount link here)
  2. Proven Private Label
  3. Proven Q4 Plan

Jim Cockrum Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jim Cockrum have a podcast?

Yes, Jim runs a podcast covering a large array of things from how folks like how Brett turned $400 into an 8 figure Amazon business (episode 2) or like how a 21-year-old is earning $100k+ net from their Amazon business part-time (episode 91).

You can check all of Jim Cockrum’s podcast episodes by going here.

How can I learn more about Jim Cockrum events?

Once a year Cockrum and his team run an in-person event for folks looking to build Amazon & eCom businesses called CES. Every year this event sells out well in advance and it’s been held in places like Nashville, Louisville, Orlando, and Dallas.

Some of the Past Jim Cockrum Events Faculty include:

  • Jim Cockrum himself
  • Brett Bartlett (check out episode #2 of Jim’s podcast for his story here)
  • Andy Slamans
  • Barrington McIntosh
  • Cynthia Stine
  • Dan Hollings
  • Jason Miles
  • Jeff Cohen
  • And many more that you can see here.

Now while everyone can’t afford to make it out to the event in-person each year Jim does release the videos after the event.

Does Jim Cockrum offer coaching services?

First, working with a coach is one of the fastest ways to see results. However, coaching is NOT right for everyone and that’s why when with the Jim Cockrum coaching program you have to apply.

That way you can be vetted to make sure that you are a good match to achieve results. So, the first step is to apply for coaching by going here.

What is the best Jim Cockrum Amazon product?

This is a bit of a loaded question as it’s like asking what’s the best restaurant.  It really is going to vary depending on where you are at and in this case where you are at in your business.

Hands down though if you are looking to build an Amazon business following Jim’s training programs you should first look into the new version of Proven Amazon Course (discount link) and his Proven Private Label program.

What books does Jim Cockrum Sell?

There are 2 main books the Cockrum currently has available.

The Jim Cockrum books are:

  1. Silent Sales Machine (you can get the Kindle version here)
  2. Sourcer’s Apprentice Book

NOTE: Jim Cockrum does have a few other books on Amazon, however, some of them are bit older. You can check them all out here.

Is Proven Amazon Course an Alternative to ASM?

A lot of people ask about PAC course vs ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) and they want to know which one is better or which one is right for them.

First off, there is a very big price difference between ASM and Proven Amazon Course.  That being said it is hard to give someone a real answer on what is best for them without knowing their full situation and goals.

So what I recommend is you check out both programs to see what resonates best with you and go from there. With both programs you have no risk to try them out as you are protected by a refund policy so you can essentially test drive them to see if it’s a match.

[+] Amazing Selling Machine

[+] Proven Amazon Course (special discount link)

Where can I learn more about Jim Cockrum?

Like many entrepreneurs, Cockrum has many different websites and programs. We’ve done our best to outline his most popular and best Amazon training programs here.

That being said if you’d like to learn more about his work you can check out his podcast here.

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