Best Digital Publishing Blueprint Review For Ed Dale’s New Program

Honest Digital Publishing Blueprint Review Released

Thanks for taking the time to check out my review of Digital Publishing Blueprint (DPB) by Ed Dale.

DPB is the latest program by online marketer Ed Dale.

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on our full review, but here’s some information for you in the meantime.

What is Digital Publishing Blueprint?

The program is a 6 week digital publishing training program that is designed to help you dive deep into how to create beautiful digital magazines.

They may seem weird, but trust me it is insanely profitable.

Plus these magazines can have really cool features and Ed and his team will be teaching you exactly how to strategically market them.  Including how to build a highly targeted market that you have influence over.

Where do you sell these digital magazines?

Simple through the Apple Newsstand.What’s great about the training is you get all 6 modules right away and don’t have to wait weeks for each module.The 6 modules are:

Module #1: Digital opportunities

Module #2: Content creation mastery

Module #3: Creating your Magazine app

Module #4: Creating your First Magazine issue

Module #5: Publishing & Submitting your App to Apple

Module #6: Marketing secrets & Strategies

What Else Do You Get?

– Ed and his team are also going to include the 3 best design templates for Mac and PC that can be used for their magazine .

– Ed’s sample magazine creation strategies and content generation strategies for your people to model.  It’s these strategies that will help you create a high caliber magazine with little effort of your own especially if you hate writing or just plain stink at it.

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You’ll Also Get These 4 Bonuses

BONUS #1 : IMMEDIATE EDGE ACCESS. (Valued at $297). Exclusive 3 month special access to the longest running and best value Internet Marketing membership program online where they will receive cutting edge teaching now on what everyone else will be teaching next year. The Immediate Edge is like your own Research and Development department without the cost! They will also gain access to superb training blueprints inside the Edge like the App development and Adsense blueprints easily worth $100′s of dollars on their own.

BONUS #2: WE PROMOTE YOUR MAGAZINE!. (Valued at $997). This is pretty incredible, but Ed and his team are actually going to promote your magazine. How cool is that.

BONUS #3: 12-MONTH ACCESS TO “Digital Publisher MAG” Over the next 12 months any new tricks or tips that Ed learns about Magazine publishing he is going to share them with you.

SURPRISE BONUS ANNOUNCEMENT: Well all I can really say is that this is a surprise right now, but you’ll be pretty pumped on it.

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