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Daniel Audunsson and Ryan Coisson just released their Amazing Selling Machine Bonus offer.

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Ryan and DanielIMPORTANT UPDATE: For the re-opening of Amazing Selling Machine on 10/3/2013 Daniel Audunsson and I have put together what we believe will be the best and most relevant bonus for Amazing Selling Machine.

It will not be on this page though.  So you need to make sure to get on the priority notification list here.

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Ryan & Daniel

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The ASM Bonus Below is Our Old Bonus & No Longer Valid

Check out our new bonus here <<

Look this isn’t BS.  I’m only offering 20 Amazing Selling Machine bonuses.

I believe I not only am offering the best Amazing Selling Machine bonus, but I’m provide the most relevant bonus offer that is going to help you get faster and better results.

IMPORTANT: These bonus offers will be snapped up quickly so don’t wait to get yours.

Here’s my Ultimate Amazing Selling Machine Bonus.  There are only 10 6 2 bonus packages available now.

I know some of you are looking for the best bonus package out there for Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark’s new program Amazing Selling Machine.

In this short little message I’m going to outline why I feel my bonus for Amazing Selling Machine is the best darn bonus available.

But hey you can judge for yourself, right?

First off, let me be upfront I’m not offering some crazy hyped up $20,000 bonus that includes like 15 million pdf downloads, tons of PLR courses, and bunch of other stuff.  This would do nothing but be a disservice to you.

What I’m offering is something that is going to help you get more out of your new Amazon business.

And more importantly help you get more out of Amazing Selling Machine.

Let me be clear in saying that I’m personally going through Amazing Selling Machine and will be implementing this in my business.

That being the case this first bonus is a fun, but also useful for your business.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #1 – Brand New iPad Mini

Amazing Selling Machine iPad Mini Bonus

This bonus is very simple I’m only offering iPad Mini’s to everyone that purchases Amazing Selling Machine through our link.  Here’s how it will work.  There are 10 6 iPad mini bonus offers available.

When I purchased this iPad mini for myself not too long ago I fell in love with it.  I use it all the time to respond to emails, check stats, review outsourcers work and more. This is something you could do with it as well or you could just use it for fun.

*Important* this bonus isn’t given away til after the refund period to protect myself from people collecting their iPad mini and just refunding.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #2 – 60 Minute Skype Call

Skype Call Amazing Selling Machine Bonus

Currently I’m charging upwards of $750 per hour for the consulting I do with clients.  Not only can I charge that, but I get people to pay it because I get them results.  In 60 minutes I can cover what most people take 3-4 hours to cover.

This Amazing Selling Machine bonus skype call is designed to get you started in the right direction with Amazing Selling Machine.  It can be done whenever you like, but my suggestion is that we do it have you have gone through some of the training.   Keep in mind you can use this 60 minutes for whatever you like and I’m happy to help you with any online marketing venture you are doing. (no adult themed businesses)

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #3 – 60 Days Email Coaching


I’m currently not offering email coaching, but I have done this before with a few select folks and they absolutely loved it.  During the 60 days of email coaching you can ask me questions about Amazing Selling Machine, your eCommerce business, or anything else you really want.

I want you to know that I’m personally going to be responding to all of these emails and you’ll get my personal email address.  Understand that I will strive to answer your questions within 24 hours and a lot of the time much sooner.

Honestly this bonus is worth the price of the course as you can get hands on interaction with someone who has built a very successful IM business.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #4 – Email Training/Updates on Amazing Selling Machine

This bonus is unique and something that I’ve never really offered before.  You see since I’m going through the training myself and will be building an Amazon business I want to keep you up-to-date on what I’m learning and doing.

This will involve me sending you updates and little training tidbits via email about what I’m doing with ASM.  This will include things like what is working well for me, what isn’t, what I’m learning, etc.

This is a very unique bonus that I don’t anyone else providing it.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #5 – Private Mastermind Event in Austin, TX

As part of your purchase with Amazing Selling Machine.  All customers in good standing are going to be invited to their 3 day live event in Austin, TX.  At this 3 day event we will be learning more cutting edge strategies about ASM and hearing from others just like you that are killing it with their Amazon business.

I’m going to be attending this event myself and want to mastermind with the 10 people that buy from my Amazing Selling Machine link.

In this mastermind we will be working together to help one another take their businesses to the next level.

Note: I’m also going to be twisting some arms of some of my own mastermind members and looking to bring them in to tell you more about how they run 6 and 7 figure businesses all online.

I promise you that you will not want to miss this mastermind.  The biggest thing that I did for my success in 2012 was join an elite mastermind group.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #6 – Mystery Bonus

Amazing Selling Machine Mystery Bonus

So as an extra push to get you over the edge I’ve just added a 6th bonus for the last 36 hours.  This is a mystery bonus and I promise you you are going to love.  I’m keeping it a mystery, but I know you’ll love it and it is going to add a lot of value to your ASM business.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus #7 – Outsource Force by John Reese

John Reese is helping Matt and Jason launch this product and he is so impressed with the product that anyone that purchases the product is now going to get his Outsource Force product for free.  This an absolutely amazing deal because his Outsource Force product sold for $2000.  Talk about a steal :)

So Here’s What to Do

  1. Clear Your Cookies ==> Learn How Here
  2.  Buy ASM through my link. >>>  Click Here to Buy Amazing Selling Machine <<<
  3.  Send your receipt and name to tnmmarketingsupport at (replace at with @) with and the subject “ASM bonus”
  4.  Don’t refund, enjoy the program and let Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback and myself help you build a successful Amazon business.

P.S. DO NOT DELAY…time is of the essence with this one and you don’t have long

Terms: You must not refund Amazing Selling Machine to qualify for our bonuses.  The iPad Mini Amazing Selling Machine bonus will be sent out after the refund period has ended.  If you have any questions contact us or leave a comment below.

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  1. Keith Lee says

    Hey Ryan, I would like to purchase ASM through your affiliate link but I live in Singapore. Would I still get all the bonuses listed on this page? Thanks.

  2. Harvey says

    Hi Ryan,

    Great bonus offer and I would love the opportunity to work with you and get the benefit of your help and advice.

    A couple of questions.
    1. Is there a bonus pack still available? I don’t know when you last updated this page and they may all have gone.
    2. If a bonus is still available, will you ship the Mini iPad to Austria where I live?

    Your quick response would be appreciated.



  3. admin says

    Hey Harvey,

    Glad we got everything sorted out via email and excited to have you on board with my bonus. Looking forward to helping you be successful with ASM

  4. admin says

    Hey Keith,

    Sorry for the delay. Yes even being in Singapore you qualify for all of my bonuses. Send me an email if you have any more questions.


  5. geno says

    Are you going to open the doors again soon?

  6. says

    Just a heads up that Amazing Selling Machine will be reopening on 10/3/13. If you missed it last time be sure to get ready.

    If you have any questions or to get on the priority list contact me or comment below.

    Get on the priority list at:


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